Our future

With our 50 years of experience, we have been around the block. If anything, these years have taught us that the world is continuously changing and proactivity is key to face all the ensuing challenges. At the same time, change means opportunity. The innovations in the field of medicine and communication allow us to dream big. The Triple Zero Campaign and the NLR 2020 Project are great examples of big dreams and proactivity respectively. It is up to us to take on the biggest challenge of all: to convince the world to support us in realizing the dreams.

Plans for 2017

In 2017 NLR will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. In the midst of very challenging circumstances, we will reaffirm our awareness of the ideals and vision that drove our founders to establish the Leprastichting in 1967: A world free from leprosy.

  • Under the NLR 2020 Project we plan the establishment of local NGOs in at least 2 countries that will receive support from 1 additional donor besides NLR in 2017: Brazil and Indonesia
  • We will develop a programmatic approach in our field activities; focusing on 4 NLR Key Priority Programs (KPPs) of our strategy, enabling active exchange of best practices in the NLR Alliance. Institutional fundraising will focus on proposals elaborating on the KPPs’ themes

Plans for 2017

  • The LPEP Project, running pilot projects to introduce Single Dose Rifampicin chemoprophylaxis, will enter its final stages. Follow-up coordination, with the ambition to replicate and upscale will be developed as one of these KPPs.
  • ISO certification is planned for mid-2017 and the NAV Vision administrative software introduced in all country offices by the end of 2017.
  • A new advertising campaign will focus on the nerve-racking aspects of leprosy to renew attention and sympathy among a larger target audience for fundraising purposes. Publications in professional and public media will support the campaign.
  • Our performance in private fundraising aims to stabilize the 2016 level of revenues from donations. The revenues from legacies have shown a severe decline in 2015 and 2016 and budgets have been adjusted accordingly for 2017. Further investment will be made in investigating and developing opportunities for fundraising from private foundations.
  • We aim to acquire the funding for the ‘Stop Leprosy Transmission’ project, presented to the Dream Fund of the Dutch National Postcode Lottery. By introducing a simple screening test and the PEP++ preventive regimen in the 3 main endemic countries India, Brazil and Indonesia.
  • Further strengthening of our performance in institutional fundraising by means of an internal training program for the country offices.